illegal immigrants marthas vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard: What did we learn?

What a shocking turn of events at the vineyard the other day. Of course, when I say ‘the vineyard’ I mean Martha’s Vineyard. It’s the home and vacation spot for all the well to do, elites. Well, prepare for a shock. They had some visitor from another country and America stood still for a moment….

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The Week in Memes

These are dark times. With the November midterms looming, we’re witnessing some crazy politicking going on. Let’s look at the silver linings and the laughs. A creature arises in Pennsylvania. Bearing promises of abortion, freeing felons and union handout, John Fetterman throws his hat into the ring for Senate. The Fetterman/Dr. Oz race is going…

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Immigrants already bused out of Martha’s Vineyard. Why more should arrive every day.

Martha’s Vineyard residents are already bussing out their new arrivals. Here’s why they need more new friends.

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