Star Wars

Book Drop: Old School ‘Star Wars’ Novels

Whatever garbage world the new “Star Wars” movies spiral into, I still love the old pre-Disney extended universe novels. Here’s my favorites.

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Star Wars projects for 2024. A dismal forecast.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Andor season 2. Other than that, 2024 is looking like a crap year for Star Wars.

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The Star Wars ‘Best Of’ 2023 gets roasted. (video)

We love these ends of the year videos. The retrospectives. Especially when they involve some serious mockery. So, buckle up, kids. We got a good one for ya. Here’s the Star Wars ‘best of’ 2023 video getting roasted by Robothead. It’s an epic list of fail after fail. What makes it so fantastically awesome is…

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