Law-Abiding Citizens Have No Recourse for Grievances

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“Rioters have legitimate grievances.” That’s what the ruling class is saying. And that’s it for me. Violent insurrectionists get their leaders’ attention. Law-abiding citizens do not. We have no representation and no recourse for actual grievances.

To one degree or another, journalists, pundits, politicians, Hollywood, and the rest of the ruling class (on the left, center, and right) are saying that the rioters raging in cities across the nation have “legitimate grievances” and society needs to address them. Many are outright supporting the insurrection—they are literally and openly advocating for them and against attempts to stop them. Others say they “condemn” the riots but that there are “real reasons” for what started them. (Never mind the fact that there were no riots or concerns when this happened, or this happened, or this happened.)

So that’s it for me. That’s the final straw that confirms that law-abiding citizens no longer have representation in government and society, and thus no recourse for our actual grievances. No one cares about us. Actually, that’s not entirely correct. Society does care about us to an extent; it’s increasingly punishing us and demonizing us for being upstanding citizens.

Society despises those of us who do the right and good thing, and I’ll never forget this. There’s nothing I can do about it right now and maybe nothing I’ll ever be able to do about it. But I’ll spend the rest of my life working to get into a position where I can do something about it.

Until then, if you obey the law and do the right thing, no one in an official position is going to help you. Am I suggesting that we start breaking the law because of this? Of course not. We wouldn’t get away with it; our rulers would come after us with fervor and without mercy.

All I’m doing is observing a simple truth: we’re on our own.

Top: Screen Grab of video from Fox News.

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