Enough Already. Can We Start Making Change Now?

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Do we want to try and make things better, or not? We should probably make up our minds soon. Before we really start doing damage. All I’ve seen so far is a shit load of random destruction. Is anyone actually doing anything? Other than being mad?

Congress had hearings the other day. Ok. Guess they were talking about police methods. Chokeholds. Stuff like that. That seems smart. I’m all in for solutions. Trying to make things better. As for the rest of this bullshit? It needs to stop.

Rioting, looting? Alright, now you have some free shit. What changed? Nothing.

A Country music group changed their name to Lady A. Whoop de doo.

A bunch of actors made a video. Blah, blah, blah.

Anarchists have taken over a section of Seattle. Had high hopes for this one but it’s barely entertaining. Just a huge embarrassment for the Gov. What kind of Governor just hangs out while a major city in his State has a big hunk taken over?! That’s some shit you only see in video games.

Statues are being ripped down. mpty gesture. Changes nothing. Nothing.

People want to end Cracker Barrel. Because why? Did Cracker Barrel serve up some lukewarm legislation in the 50’s? It’s a breakfast joint!

Elmer Fudd will no longer use a gun to hunt rabbits. Sleep tight, America. Real change starts with cartoons.

For some reason we’re supposed to boycott Starbucks… okaaaay…

They fired some actor from a CW show called The Arrow. Take THAT!

HBO pulled Gone with the Wind from it’s steaming service. Because nothing says change, like talking about a movie from the 30’s.

What in the fuck is going on? Do you want change or just random BS.

Does ANYONE plan on trying to make an actual difference?

Millions of dollars are flying around being donated to this foundation or that foundation. Or some piece of shit political action committee. But has anyone thought about changing a law? Or a guideline?

We have systems in place for JUST such an occasion. If you don’t like something or a law is unjust you change it. Everything else is just bullshit.

And everyone is cool with changing laws! No one is fighting back on this. We are all on board!

Twelve people are dead from the violence. Twelve human beings are dead over an issue where we were all in agreement. George Floyd should be alive. What happened was wrong and we need to fix it. What the fuck, people?

Get your shit together. Because I am done watching people die in some senseless, pointless BS.

All of it needs to stop. The pandering. The posturing. The virtue signaling. The rioting. It is pointless and people are having their lives destroyed and even lost.

I’m hesitant to even post this article. Right now if you ask basic questions or vary in the slightest bit from some everchanging set of “rules” you get cancelled. If you aren’t in lockstep with the movement, you’re an enemy and must be crushed. That is celebrated now. This isn’t a discussion. This doesn’t look like a search for change or truth. It looks like a mob. A mob that just runs around doing whatever pops into its brainless head.

So if you want to actually do something to make a change? Plenty of reasonable people are ready to have that conversation. We’re ready to go. Let us know when you are.

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2020-06-11 22:11:57

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