An Easy Call

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Experts and pundits of all political persuasions are unable to talk intelligently about the communist insurrection happening throughout America right now. So here’s a really short illustration that makes things clear.


“Now, I used to always be on the side of the military and law enforcement, but not anymore! Or, at least not now!” the pundit screamed at his caller. “The federal government sending in secret police to crush Peaceful Protesters against the wishes of governors and mayors? No way! I’m a big states’ rights guy! And this just reeks of fascism!”

“The Peaceful Protesters are destroying property and terrorizing people. Even murdering them,” the caller replied.

“It’s up to the states to take care of that!” the pundit told him. “Sending in federal troops just sets a precedent! Now any future president can take advantage of it whenever he wants to enforce his will on the states!”

“Are you serious? Are you really saying that in the midst of a communist insurrection going on across the country where mayors and governors are literally allowing mayhem and murder—perhaps even helping the mob to target their political enemies—that you can’t recognize that that is the problem and not the federal government responding to it? Are you only able to think whatever the communists want you to think?”

“Geeble, geeble, geep!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that!”

“How dare you suggest that mayors and governors are helping this chaos!” the pundit shouted.

“That’s exactly what they’re doing,” the caller told him.

“The federal government sending in secret police to round up Peaceful Protesters is the stuff of dystopian nightmares!” the pundit insisted. “Don’t you believe in the First Amendment? Or states’ rights? This is fascism! Fascism! Fascism! Fascism! And anyone who supports it is a traitor!”

“Wait a minute. You’re calling us traitors for wanting peace and order while domestic communists, illegal aliens, and who knows how many other foreigners are literally engaging in an insurrection to overthrow America and destroy our heritage?”

“People have the right to Peacefully Protest over legitimate grievances and for local governments to accommodate that!” the pundit fumed.

“Nah, man. People don’t have the right to engage in violent, communist revolution. Neither do local or state governments. And the federal government has every right to stop them all. This isn’t hard to understand. In fact, it’s an easy call.”

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