Fauci Emails Raise Serious Questions

Recently, hundreds of Anthony Fauci’s emails were released due to a Freedom of Information Act request and we have some serious questions. Hopefully the powers that be share our concerns. What did Fauci know and when did he know it? Stuff like that.

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IF the virus came from the Wuhan lab and Fauci knew it, that would have given us a huge jump start on treatments. Why all the back and forth madness with the masks? Was Fauci complicit on funding the “gain of function” research? Was he part of a cover up? How many lives could have been saved?

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And lastly, who let his emails get released? Granted, we’re glad they were. However, this hints at bigger issues. Someone let these Fauci emails out to the public. IF they didn’t want them out, they could have slow played their release for YEARS. So, it looks like someone wanted these things released. Someone wants the public to be made aware of, or at least to start digging into, what really happened with Fauci and covid, and they put it on the fast track.

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