‘Woke’ Corporations Promote PRIDE Month Everywhere BUT Not Middle East

The hypocrisy is thick here. All these “woke” corporations promoting PRIDE month everywhere but the Middle East. Are we shocked? No. But do we love calling out the massive amounts of total and complete bullshit? You bet!

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What is the point of preaching to the converted? What is the point of telling a culture that already accepts same-sex couples to accept same-sex couples? It’s nothing more than an exercise in fake caring. It’s shallow. It’s pandering and I have to think it’s insulting to the gay community.

Do companies need to convince the people of San Francisco to be more tolerant to gays? Maybe, just maybe, they should spend some time convincing the people who throw gay people off of buildings to be more tolerant. How about you convince the Middle East to be more accepting? They won’t do that, though, will they? Because of money. They know they will lose money in that market if they promote PRIDE in the Middle East. These corporations are making it abundantly clear: They care MORE about money than they do about PRIDE.

New Banner Ad for 'Thor vs. the Valkyries'
ADVERTISEMENT: ‘Thor vs. the Valkyries’

If you are gay, where would you like to see change? Portland? Or…in a city where being gay means the death penalty? It is completely bonkers to think these corporations are doing anything other than pandering. It should insult you. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the difference in ads in the West as opposed to the Middle East. Check it out.

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