Hunter Biden Dropping ‘N’ Bombs & the Media Is Mostly Silent

How about that Hunter Biden? Now it looks like he was dropping N bombs via text with his lawyer. Well, it more than “looks like” it. We only use that phrase because The New York Post has screen grabs. They could be Russian fakes…right? LOL. Sure.

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So here we have the son of the current dude in the White House casually dropping N bombs left and right and it looks like the media is going to ignore it. Am I shocked? Not really, and you probably aren’t either. But it’s almost impossible not to think about what the reaction would be if these were texts from Don Trump Jr. It would be the END OF LIFE AS WE KNEW IT. The absolute end of days. There would be great weeping and gnashing of teeth. People would be leaping from the tops of buildings.

But it was Hunter, so everyone will look the other way. That to me is the story. That is what people should be concerned about. It’s such a glaring example of “Most Favored Nation” status even Dems can’t ignore it.

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This is the question: If the media will continue to cover for Hunter, what else are they not reporting on? The Wuhan lab theory? Covid deaths caused by governors? What else? We can think of lots of stuff.

Let’s make the American public curious again. If they cover for Hunter? What else are they ignoring?

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  1. Paul Hair says:

    “If they cover for Hunter? What else are they ignoring?” — That is the question.

    Great post.

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