Southwest Cancels 1,000 Flights & Blames It on Weather, Air Traffic Control Shortly after Pilots Sue over Vaccine Mandate. Coincidence?

Well, well, well. We are getting conflicting reports on this one. Southwest is canceling a huge number of flights for the second day in a row. They are blaming weather and air traffic control issues. However, all these “issues” come right on the heels of the airline’s pilots suing over a vaccine mandate. We’re also hearing that the pilots walked off the job. Now the pilots rep. is denying any such walk off. (Who wants that kind of bad press?)

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If you’re trying to fly Southwest today you gotta be pissed. I doubt very much the pilots would fess up. However, it is a great way to send a strong message to your employer. That message being: “You think you’re really in charge? Try running an airline without pilots”. Powerful indeed.

So, what do you think is going on and who do you support? And to all the stranded passengers: You got our sympathy. It sucks. You’re taking it on the chin this weekend. Hope you get home safe and sound. You have a GREAT excuse for missing work on Monday.

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