Joe Biden’s Voicemail to Hunter adds to the Biden Family problems.

Now there’s a voice mail message from Joe Biden to Hunter where Joe reassures his son saying in part “I think you’re in the clear”. It’s in reference to Hunter’s dealings with a Chinese oil tycoon and how the story was being handled by the press. That would sound to me like not only did Joe talk to his kid about his business dealings (Which he adamantly told American voters he did not do) but that he was also worried about both the biz and how the press was framing the story. So, let’s just add that to the list of super shady shit coming out of the Biden family.

Here’s the audio:

Here’s the question now: How much does the mainstream press need to get interested in this story? It’s completely absurd! Just off the top of my head, we’re talking about a couple laptops, text messages, eyewitnesses to Biden family business practices (Tony Bobulinski) Multiple videos of Hunter’s drug use, sex with foreign prostitutes, super shady money wires, not to mention Hunters super sweet business deals that appear to be a benefit of his dad being V.P.

What else do you need to see and or hear before you show interest? If it were a movie, it would be way funnier. This is real life though. Hunter’s habits and business dealings are very likely affecting how Joe deals with certain foreign countries. The kid is almost certainly affecting our countries policies. That’s fucked up. It feels like someone should look into that. Don’t ya think?

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