The Portal Games are now on Nintendo Switch; the smartest games you have to play!

Valve’s Portal and Portal 2 have been ported to the Nintendo Switch, being released in the Portal Companion Collection. These two games stand in Valve’s accoladed library of classic games, and they are now completely portable.

Released in 2007 and 2011 respectively, Portal and Portal 2 are some of the best, smartest, funniest puzzle games ever developed. Sporting unique environments and narrative beats, these 2 games stand the test of time. No-one has made a game anything like the Portal games, making them completely unique and in that regard: valuable to own.

The Portal Companion Collection reveal trailer from a recent Nintendo Direct.

As an avid player of both of these games; I can personally vouch for their quality. Portal 2 in particular sports some of the sharpest, funniest dialogue in gaming’s long history. It also contains one of the most unique soundtracks of all time.

Making these classic games portable on the Switch means only one thing; there is no excuse for you not to own and play these games. They have my personal recommendation; as well as a BAFTA and an award for interactivity from the from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Play the games. They are good. Thank you for reading.

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