Jamie Foxx Just wrote us all a prescription for Vampire-Killing fun!

Jamie Foxx is a vampire hunting badass in the new Netflix film “Day Shift”. Seem’s like our hero needs to make 10,000 dollars or his family moves to Florida and of course, the only way he knows how to get this cash is by hunting vampires. He gets one more chance at the vampire hunting organization that once kicked him out but (oh no!) gets teamed up with a newbie (Dave Franco) who has no clue what he’s doing.

“Vampire Hunting? Lame! It’s been done so many times.” Right? But not this way. Not by the dudes who made John Wick it hasn’t! Thats where this movie is really going to shine. The violence is gonna be gruesome, and it’s gonna be a prescription for movie fun.

Oh, and did I mention this flick also features Snoop Dogg with a minigun? Yep, this is going to be an insanely entertaining 2-hour wild ride. Just check out the trailer, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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