We can’t pretend these things didn’t happen and expect to survive.

Just a heads-up America. We’ve been doing some thinking about the future, and it’s come to our attention that we are in deep shit. Some seriously deep shit. The sooner we come to grips with it the better. Our Justice system and the FBI are biased, and it won’t do us as a nation any good to pretend that they aren’t. Oh! And someone unleashed a virus a while back we may want to look into that. The FBI casually tried to rig a presidential election, spied on a candidate, abused the FISA process and we’re supposed to be cool with that? WTF? Sorry, but we’re not. And we really can’t pretend it didn’t happen!

The FBI and the Dept of Justice want us to believe operation ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ was a series of minor mistakes that all lead to an unfortunate giant misunderstanding. A giant misunderstanding that led to the Mueller Probe and America being told there was a real possibility the President was a Russian asset. Are you kidding me? Nope. Not buying it. And the fact that they are trying to sell it as a series of mistakes makes it abundantly clear we have a huge problem in the DOJ and FBI. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-clinesmith/ex-fbi-lawyer-pleads-guilty-to-doctoring-email-in-russia-probe-of-trump-campaign-idUSKCN25F16S

The Inspector General’s Disturbing FISA Memo – Lawfare (lawfareblog.com)

They gotta go. Rip em down.

Let’s compare Crossfire Hurricane to the Hunter Biden Laptop investigation. With one you get a multimillion-dollar investigation based on DOJ and FBI ‘oopsies’. In the case of Hunter’s laptop and evidence that the Biden family, including then Vice President Joe Biden were straight up corrupt, hardly a peep. Hard core evidence. Voice mails. Emails. Pictures. Text messages and eyewitness accounts and the FBI and DOJ do nothing? It’s laughably ridiculous. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/07/25/grassley-highly-credible-whistleblowers-claim-fbi-doj-downplay-negative-hunter-biden-information/

The Trump investigation dominated the news. A constant drumbeat to get your attention while legit criminal activity gets zero airtime. We are all expected to forget. Just let it slide. Which leads us to this nugget: Where is the curiosity about who is responsible for Covid-19? It’s beyond strange that no one is demanding answers about the release of this virus. Are we supposed to forget that as well? These are huge problems that can’t be ignored. They just don’t go away. They just get worse.

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