Disney Star Wars: ‘Andor’ is about Trump? The franchise trainwreck continues.

Here’s the headline from the website Empire – “Andor Is Star Wars’ ‘Scurrilous Take On The Trumpian World,’ Says Fiona Shaw.” WTF? Why do they feel so compelled to make the Star Wars trainwreck continue. It’s beyond tragic for the franchise at this point and it also defies logic. The actress in the interview who’s gushing about the script that portrays a Trumpian world goes on to say “people’s rights are disappearing”… okay. So how is that a reflection of a Trumpian world? That seems like a reflection of a Bidenian world. Why people’s rights ARE disappearing. Mask mandate, ring a bell? How about ‘Get this injection or you can’t work’ sound familiar? Trump didn’t do that, sweetie. Biden did.

It’s one thing to ruin Star Wars by injecting your own belief system but at least get your own shit right! You wanna make yet another unwatchable Star Wars show? Go for it. But don’t think for a second you’re protecting anyone from the Donald. No, you simple little hive mind losers, you’re talking about Biden and his administration. That’s who’s making rights disappear. You dummies are doing the work of the Empire and you don’t even know it! HA! Which is the most entertaining part of this whole debacle. Listening to a person who brags about turning Star Wars into propaganda and they’re too stupid to realize they’re going after the wrong guy. Hilarious!

For the record, I would prefer modern politics be kept out of Star Wars shows and movies. How about you concentrate on telling a good story first? That seem to be beyond you right now.


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