Rain: The Most Underrated of Weather

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Some people complain when it rains. I don’t. A rainy, misty day is calming and relaxing. Indeed, rain is the most underrated of weather.

Good sleeping weather. That’s one way to describe rain. And it is. But such a day is also a great day to get up and get things done, all at a leisurely pace. In fact, there are far too few rainy days in my life, so when one comes around I try to make the most of it.

One of the things I like to do is open the windows and listen to the steady sound of rain coming down while I work inside. Better yet, I like to go outside in some shelter and write away while that gentle sound provides the best of white noise. It focuses the mind and ends up stimulating creativity. (RELATED: Wineberries: Wild-Growing, Invasive, Red Raspberries [PHOTOS])

A rainy day in the woods.

Rainy Day. © 2020, Paul Hair.

Working outside and directly in the rain is fun too. Really. You’re in that soothing atmosphere and all the normal clamor you hear during the daytime is either drowned out or not there at all because people are hiding inside from the wet weather. And again, the white noise helps you concentrate on doing the task at hand. Everything is mellow.

So when a rainy, misty day comes along and other people are down about it, I’m not. That’s a day I look forward to, and I enjoy it while I can.

Top Image © Paul Hair, 2020.

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