A Time for Transformation

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Denise McAllister’s Romans One published my latest column, “Refusing to Face the Truth.” It marks the beginning of me doing something no one else is doing: writing columns that are fictional illustrations instead of the standard nonfictional rants that everyone else does.

A typical columnist writes 500-800 words about this or that in a nonfiction fashion. He cites sources and includes analysis, and (hopefully) witty comments. In most cases, his hard work ends up getting lost in a sea of other columns droning on in the same way.

“Refusing to Face the Truth” stands out from anything else you’ll read this week. It addresses an important issue by way of a short tale that engages you and makes you want to see how the story ends. This is what I’d like to continue doing moving forward. My plan is to publish these unique columns at Romans One, here at The Loftus Party, and elsewhere. Perhaps I’ll drop some nonfiction columns from time-to-time, but they’ll become increasingly rare. (I’ll still post quick, nonfiction, non-column pieces.) I hope you’ll like this new direction. (RELATED: Surviving Goes against Our Christian Values)

On a side note, I’ve also changed my social media habits. Today will be the first time I’ve tweeted in nearly two months. Twitter is corrupt and I’m doing my part to take the power away from it and Big Tech by moving to other sites (such as Gab and Mewe, even as I’ve reduced my time on them too).

You can do your part as well. Follow me as I quietly work. Follow me here at The Loftus Party, and on Gab (PaulHair) and MeWe (search for my name). Follow me at Romans One. And definitely keep track of and buy the books I write by bookmarking my Amazon Author Page.

And follow The Loftus Party—bookmark it and make it a part of your RSS reader. That’s right, RSS readers (such as Feedly) still exist. I don’t need Twitter, Facebook (I don’t even have an FB account), or any other social media site to keep up with the news. I directly follow the sites and people I want to follow and get my info that way. It’s an older way of doing things but it works, And it takes some power away from Big Tech.

So if you’re looking for something different; if you’re tired of all the garbage going on and frustrated with how so many other people are doing things, start following me here and elsewhere. No one else is writing fiction columns like I am now doing, and few others are quietly and constructively working like I am. Apart from my colleagues here at The Loftus Party and a few others elsewhere, almost everyone else is committed to being as loud (often uselessly) as possible. I’m doing the opposite.

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