Trump Has Been Too Easy on Journalists

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Pundits in the uniparty have incessantly squawked about how President Trump has been too unseemly and ill-mannered in his interactions with journalists. They’re wrong, of course. Truth be told, Trump has been far too easy with journalists. If I was president, I’d treat them much differently.

Journalists are toxic for the nation. That’s a diplomatic way of stating the truth. Therefore, if I was president I’d deal with them as no president has ever dreamed of dealing with them. One of the first things I’d do would be to cut off all their access to me and the White House. (RELATED: Sen. Tom Cotton Rips ‘Liberal Mob’ in Election Ad [VIDEO])

There’s simply no reason for a non-communist president to interact with journalists. They hate America and they hate anyone who doesn’t hate America. So there’d be no more briefings (they’d be banned from the White House), no more traveling on Air Force One, no more interviews, no more moderating debates, no more anything. I wouldn’t even acknowledge them unless it was to remind people of how destructive they are. They would no longer determine what is news and what isn’t.

This is just one thing I’d do in my way of handling them as POTUS. There would be more things as well. Many. More. Things.

So anytime you hear someone in the uniparty bellyaching that Trump’s treatment of journalists is terrible, feel free to remind him that Trump actually treats journalists far better than they deserve.

Top Image: Excerpt of official President Trump portrait.

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