The Ottoman-American Alliance: A Short Story

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Armenia and Azerbaijan are engaged in hostilities, and other nations are involved in the fight as well. For instance, NATO ally Turkey is backing Azerbaijan. So is it possible that America could also become involved?

Here’s a short story that speculates about such a situation. (RELATED: The Conservative Case for Sending Our Kids Back to Indoctrination Centers)


“Just wanted to give my platoon leaders a warning order,” Captain Martin told Second Lieutenant Grimes. “We’re going to be deploying to Asia. Expect the operations order to come down from higher soon.”

“Afghanistan again, sir?” Grimes asked.

“No. Eastern Turkey. To start at least,” Jackson replied.

“Yes, sir.”

Jackson paused. “Do you know why?”

“No, sir. Is it another exercise?”

“No. It isn’t,” Jackson said. “Turkey hasn’t liked Armenia for a long time. Are you aware of that?”

“Yes, sir. The Ottoman Empire genocide of Armenians made that clear.”

Jackson held his finger up to his lips. “Shhhhh. We’re not allowed to acknowledge that.”

“Of course not, sir,” Grimes said.

“And right now the Turks are backing Azerbaijan in hostilities with Armenia. You’re definitely aware of that. Right?” Jackson asked.

“I am, sir,” Grimes replied.

“Well, while the following isn’t public info yet, it is official info: Turkey has alleged that Armenia invaded its borders and attacked a battalion of Turkish troops. In return, Turkey has invoked NATO Article 5,” Martin said.

Grimes’s jaw opened and he quickly shut it.

“And you know what that means. Don’t you?” Martin asked.

“Turkey is saying it wants the U.S. and the rest of NATO to join it in its war against Armenia,” Grimes said.

“And NATO has agreed. Or America has, at least,” Martin said.

“So we’re going to go to war against Christian Armenia for Islamic Turkey. Understood, sir,” Grimes said.

Martin drummed his fingers on his desk. “I take it you don’t like it?”

“Oh, I’m used to this scenario, sir,” Grimes replied. “We wiped out Christianity in Afghanistan and Iraq, and installed officially Islamic theocracies in those countries. And we warred for Islamic people against Christian people in the Balkans before that. So it’s pretty much standard for America, sir.”

“You’d better be careful about expressing such extremist religious views around your troops.”

“Sir, with all due respect, that’s actual history—not my extremist religious views.”

“Are you going to be able to follow orders and suppress your religious beliefs, Lieutenant Grimes? Or do I need to relieve you of your duties?” Martin asked.

Grimes stood up straighter. “I will follow orders as always, sir. My troops and I will be ready when we deploy first to Turkey . . . and then to Armenia.”

Martin shook his head. “Good. Get out of here.”

Lieutenant Grimes exited Captain Martin’s office and left the orderly room, and he headed back to his platoon. He’d follow orders. But he’d do the right thing too. And as he pondered how he would now be part of the new Ottoman Empire’s war against Armenia, he again recalled what America had done in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Maybe—just maybe—no matter how things seem right now, America will do a reverse of what it did in them. Maybe we’ll somehow wind up establishing an officially Christian theocracy in Armenia, he thought. Yeah, right. No chance of that happening.

He walked a few more paces.

But then again, who knows?

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