Pastor John MacArthur Warns What Dems Are Doing to Christians in Calif. [VIDEO]

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John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, recently released a video urging Christians to open their church buildings for worship, regardless of whether the government says they must stay closed due to the coronavirus panic. And while the video stays focused on this message, it also shows what California—a one-party state ruled by Democrats—is doing to Christians living in it, and reveals that this is what Christians in all of America can expect should Democrats win big in November.

This is a must-watch not only for Christians but for anyone who cherishes freedom. Click on the video embedded in the below tweet to watch it. (RELATED: Young Adult Novella ‘Her True Self’ Blazes New Ground)

Liberty is on the Ballot Box on Election Day.

Top Image: Screen capture of MacArthur’s video.

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