‘Sudden Storm’ Is Third Installment of Space Opera Series

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Sudden Storm is the third book in Jon Mollison’s space opera series featuring Captain Sudden and a princess named Karenina. It released in early October, and for readers looking for a new series of books to pick up, now is a pretty good time to check out the SuddenVerse to see if it might be just what they want.

Sudden Storm features titular character Captain E. Z. Sudden in a “a desperate race to find allies who can back his play to save the Majesterium from a secretive enemy, a simmering civil war, the threat of organized crime, and an invasion by the machine empire all at the same time.” (RELATED: Young Adult Novella ‘Her True Self’ Blazes New Ground)

Sounds like space opera at its best.

New readers, of course, will first want to check out book one in the SuddenVerse. Sudden Rescue introduces Sudden and Karenina in an adventure where, “An empire of genocidal artificial intelligences threatens to overwhelm humanity.” And they are “held back only by the combined fleets of humanity’s lone superpower, the Majesterium.”

All three books are available at Amazon. So if space opera is your thing, be sure to check out the SuddenVerse.

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