Joe Biden OK with ‘Transgender’ 8-Year-Olds

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At the so-called town hall on ABC on Oct. 15, Joe Biden said that he believes in “transgender” 8-year-olds. It’s just one of the latest examples of how the War on Reality and War on Morality are intertwined. And it’s also one of the latest examples of how important culture is—how cultural shifts drive political shifts.

During ABC’s town hall, Biden made the following comments:

The idea that an 8-year-old child, a 10-year-old child, decides, you know, “I want to be transgender, that’s what I think I’d like to be, it’d make my life a lot easier” — there should be zero discrimination.

How did America get to the point where people believe that boys are girls and girls are boys? At its heart, it’s a spiritual problem. (I won’t go any further than that on that subject.) But it’s also a cultural problem, and what I mean by this is that people who support good abandoned all culture to people who . . . support something else. (RELATED: Ace of Spades on New Young Adult Novella ‘Her True Self’: ‘Quite Touching’)

Culture is important, and the type of people who want “transgender children” seized it and used it to get what they want. Anyone who wants to change where we are now must seize culture back. It’s one of the big reasons I wrote my latest book, the young adult novella called Her True Self.

In the novella, 18-year-old Eric Kepner rejects his younger sister’s assertion that she actually is a boy—something everyone else in their lives accepts and supports. A near tragedy causes things to escalate and he launches into a quest to try to help her, with a desperation and passion that’s only found in youth. No foul language, no graphic scenes, and yet it’s a page-turner from start to finish. Beyond that, it’s a book unlike anything else out there—literally a novella that tackles a difficult subject from a perspective that no one else would dare touch. Young adults and grown-ups alike will enjoy it.

So if you’re shocked that a might-be president supports “transgender” 8-year-olds, don’t be. The U.S. has been traveling in this direction for a long time thanks to the forces that control culture and influence—that shape and change what Americans think. There’s no simple or quick solution to changing this, but the road to doing so includes becoming involved in creating culture and pushing back on the prevailing thinking of the day.

And if you want to help towards that end, buy Her True Self right now! Tell your friends about it too. (And don’t forget to leave a review.)

Top Image: Excerpt of photo from Joe Biden’s Twitter account.

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