Protesters and a White Horse Demand Bill Barr Arrest Joe Biden

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On Halloween, neighbors of Attorney William Barr saw a strange sight on their quiet street in McLean, VA. Protesters showed up with a white horse reportedly to demand Barr do his job and arrest Joe Biden for corruption. As odd as the scene was, the protest was peaceful with no rioting and looting meant to target Barr or his neighborhood.

According to neighbors, the protesters were pro-Trump supporters who expressed frustration that the Department of Justice is not taking immediate action on the emails recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The crowd, dressed in MAGA gear, were carrying Trump campaign signs and others that said “Equal Justice Is Coming,” “Biden Lies Matter,” and the Bible quote, “They that forsake the law praise the wicked.”

To date, Joe Biden nor his campaign has explained any of the damning revelations, simply calling the Hunter email issue a political smear. Representative Adam Schiff went so far as to claim the whole thing as a hoax and another example of Russian election interference. This claim led to the damning interview of Tony Bobulinksi with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Bobulinksi, a former associate of Hunter Biden, claimed outrage over the false Democrat messaging and emphatically spilled the beans on the long history of Biden family corruption, directly implicating ex-VP Joe Biden. (RELATED: WATCH: Tucker Interviews Tony Bobulinski about Joe Biden & China)

According to the New York Post, Attorney Bill Barr did come outside and speak with the protesters. He reportedly explained the DOJ’s investigative role in these high profile cases, and then shook hands and posed for pictures with the crowd. This is a much different outcome than a similar protest in August when activists showed up at Barr’s home, accusing him of corruption.

Those left-wing protesters banged on pots and pans “outside Barr’s home at 7 am on a Saturday, blasting him for not supporting Black Lives Matter protests and enabling fascism.” Needless to say, Barr did not greet that crowd nor did he pose for pictures.

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