Once Upon a Time: Kate Upton Just Wore Body Paint [VIDEO]

Oh my goodness. 2011 was a very good year. Sports Illustrated was still killing it with the swimsuit issue and they were pushing the envelope of sexy. Body painting.

We’ve always been a fan. That’s legit. Whoever can do this should get some kind of medal. It’s pretty damned amazing. The suits look SO real you honestly have to remind yourself that it’s just paint.

Then you throw Kate Upton into the mix? Fuggetaboutit. Game over. The all-American supermodel wearing nothing but paint? Winner, winner chicken dinner.

We’re actually a little jealous. That’s gotta be kind of empowering to walk around knowing you’re naked…but you’re not. Kinda cool. Actually it’s very cool. Guess we’ll just have to enjoy the video of Kate Upton looking amazing in some insanely good body paint.

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2 comments on “Once Upon a Time: Kate Upton Just Wore Body Paint [VIDEO]

  1. Rebecca Cummings says:

    oh my god!! that was all paint?? jeeessuss

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Right? How cool was that?

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