Sunday Jams, Nov. 22

Let’s go! First Sunday Jams on the new site! Now for the big question: Can I figure it out? This could get awkward. (RELATED: Sunday Jams with ELO)

I’m hoping to post 3 songs…let’s try. We’re gonna be going with some Led Zeppelin this week. Lots of different reasons to do so, but mainly it’s ’cause I’m in the middle of kind of rediscovering the band.

Zeppelin is one of those bands you listen to and just think: That’s badass! Then as you maybe get a little older, a little wiser, you appreciate them on a whole new level. Maybe you’re trying to be a better guitar player and you are blown the fuck away by Jimmie Page. Maybe you have a new respect for the blues. Maybe you just can’t believe that you’ve forgotten some of these songs.

For whatever reason, here ya go. Three from Led Zeppelin.

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