Mandalorian Boob Armor: What’s the Problem?

I’m actually happy there IS a fight over boob armor in The Mandalorian. Simply because it highlights the incredible lameness of the people who keep the Outrage Machine running 24 hours a day.

The fact that people are upset over Mandalorian boob armor fills me with delight. It’s just so wonderfully ridiculous.

I could go several ways in my counter argument (yes, I’m pro boob armor) to these delightfully upset SJW’s. I could go with, “It’s a TV show, get over it.” Or, “Get a life, loser.” Or the completely unimaginative, “Why are you so focused on boobs, weirdo. You have issues.” (RELATED: Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ Starts with a Revelation)

All of which, while boring and predictable, would work. They ain’t wrong.

However, I’ll take the high road. Ready?

Mandalorian boob armor makes SENSE! Take a moment out of your super busy “woke” day and think about it! This requires a bit of imagination but ask yourself this question: What if the Star Wars Universe was real? This is the same question that (hopefully) all of the writers of The Mandalorian ask themselves every time they write an episode. It’s also the same question the art department should be asking as well.

Mandalorian armor is designed for blaster fire. Not medieval lances and swords. It needs to be form fitting. Also, Mandalorians have jet packs. They fly. Another reason to be form fitting. It makes sense.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s listen to a guy who actually knows about antique arms and armor, Matt Easton.

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