Sharyl Attkisson Raises Good Questions about Big Tech Censorship

This isn’t controversial but it IS deeply concerning. Who is defining your reality?

It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but it’s a great question. And more and more the answer is Big Tech. If you listen to The Loftus Party Podcast you know we’ve been talking about this for years. Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson is concerned as well.

Here’s the issue from our perspective.

Google can manipulate search results. Twitter can decide what trends. Facebook can dial down how many people see your posts. Of course the Big Tech types will always say, “It’s an algorithm.” But a person wrote that code. A person designed the algorithm. That answer always made us scratch our heads…as if the Algorithm fell from space. It’s madness. But I digress.

Let’s just look at the Hunter Biden laptop story. It was effectively “killed’ by Twitter and Facebook right before the election. Emails, photos, alleged payoffs and corruption galore. But millions of American voters never knew it happened. Because of the decisions of a handful of people in Silicon Valley, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal simply didn’t exist. It never weighed in as part of their decision making process because they had no idea. (RELATED: Where’s Hunter? Where’s Joe? [VIDEO])

By withholding information and censorship, Big Tech redefined reality for millions. It’s beyond deeply disturbing. It’s downright scary.

Millions of people happily voting and thinking they are well informed but they are missing a big hunk of reality. Can you get mad at at Biden voter for not knowing? For being completely unaware? Not really. But I can be pissed off at Big Tech.

I want to make choices based on all the facts. Not what they decide what they think I should know. Fuck that. We need transparency and we need it now.

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