Twitter Blocks Links to Sidney Powell’s Website

Looks like the kids at Twitter are at it again. A lot of users are saying they can’t share tweets from Sidney Powell’s lawsuit about election fraud. (RELATED: Sidney Powell: Release the Kraken [VIDEO])

Are we surprised? No. Are we bummed? Yes.

What reason could the Twitter peeps have for not letting people share the link? Well, a better question would be, “What reason will they give?”

Maybe something like, “Potential hacked material,” or, “Potential misleading information”?

Twitter seems to not like potential. We’d like to think there is room for “potential of truth.” It’s a lawsuit. Sidney Powell is a lawyer. It’s a link to her flippin’ lawsuit! Let the people decide. Then let judges decide.

Shame on you Twitter. We’re still mad about the whole Hunter Biden’s laptop and New York Post thing. Censorship is never good.

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1 comment on “Twitter Blocks Links to Sidney Powell’s Website

  1. Rebecca Cummings says:

    They need the 230s taken, period. They are trying to be publishers instead of just a platform.

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