British Government Is Reportedly Set to Introduce Vaccine Stamps to Passports

This is going to get a big thumbs down from me. The idea has been floating around for quite a while. Once you get a vaccine for the Wuhan virus, you get more freedom. Let’s just say it’s disconcerting. It’s troubling.

IF you get a vaccine you can go out to concerts and pubs. IF you get a vaccine you can travel. IF you get a vaccine you can enjoy freedom.

That doesn’t sound like freedom to me. How much more are going to put up with? Think about all the hoops you have to jump through JUST to participate in society. Ever tried to get a plane ticket without a credit card? Or a rental car? Or a hotel room? You’re almost required to go into debt if you want to travel. Now they want to add medical procedures to the list? Holy crap.

So it looks like the UK is ready to fire up the concept. According to this article in Breitbart the wheels are in motion. If you want to visit the UK next year? You may need a vaccine stamp. No thank you. (RELATED: How to Be Kamala Harris [VIDEO])

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