Best Videos of the Year (So Far!) 2020 – People Are Awesome

We dig these videos. Half the stuff we can’t believe and half the stuff we wanna try. HA! Hopefully you feel the same. And even if you don’t? We can all dig the videos. Right?

Big shout out to the folks at the People Are Awesome YouTube channel. These clips are just what the doctor ordered. When a big hunk of civilization is sitting around being scared and miserable it’s good to know that people are still out there, tearing it up. Having a blast. Dare I say: Being awesome? (RELATED: Freeride Mountain Biker Brandon Semenuk: RAW 100 Compilation [VIDEO])

People ARE awesome. Any misery that 2020 brings will be overcome. It may sound trite, but life is what you make it. Don’t settle. Demand awesomeness.

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