The Best Cover in the History of Ever: Scala & Kolacny Brothers – ‘Creep’ (Live)

‘Creep’ Cover

I stand by the title of this piece. Watch the video, then watch the original from Radiohead and I think you’ll agree. This is the best cover in the history of ever.

It’s everything a cover should be and more. Yes, the song is the same but it’s wonderfully different. While the original has a beautiful and compelling rawness, the cover by Scala and Kolacny Brothers has a heartbreaking beauty. Almost a perfect flip of the original.

Radiohead’s “Creep” is from the guy’s perspective and there’s hurt and melancholy. And this cover, from the the girl’s perspective is all that and more. It’s haunting in a way. And so very moving. I can’t think of another song that can make your heart hurt so much in the original and the cover. Just a thing of wonder and we’re glad they made it. (RELATED: 3 from U2’s ‘The Joshua Tree’ for Sunday Jams)

If you know of a better cover, let me know in the comments below. — The Mgmt

Radiohead’s Original Version
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