Sunday Jams with Fleetwood Mac

Yup. Feeling like a Fleetwood Mac kinda Sunday. Very busy this morning and into the afternoon. Kinda just want to kick back and take it easy. Get into a good groove. And it’s hard to beat a Fleetwood Mac groove.

This band is like a comet. They burned bright as hell for while but they never went away. We can still see the light to this day.

Big shout out to the skateboard dude who kinda brought Fleetwood Mac back into the spotlight. But did they ever really leave? It’s like a great old pair of blue jeans you forgot you had. You find ’em then put ’em on and what do ya know? They still fit like like a glove.

We could throw the whole Rumours album up here but that would be cheating. We can only pick three songs. (RELATED: 3 from U2’s ‘The Joshua Tree’ for Sunday Jams)

Oh. One more thing. It is NOT Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham. I have spoken.

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2 comments on “Sunday Jams with Fleetwood Mac

  1. Jesli bedziesz przykladnie pracowal osiem godzin dziennie, moze ci sie kiedys uda zostac kierownikiem i pracowac dwanascie. R. Frost

  2. USA Kultura says:

    Pielegnuj swoje marzenia. Trzymaj sie swoich idealow. Maszeruj smialo wedlug e-muzyki, ktora tylko Ty slyszysz.

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