Just Looking for Election Facts (Opinion)

This is why we need the news. This current 2020 election fiasco is the perfect example of why we need a place for just facts. And, no, I’m not talking about the so-called “fact checkers” from Facebook and Twitter. I’ve seen WAY too many instances of them blatantly pushing a narrative. People like Candace Owens are suing those “fact checkers” and winning.

I’m talking about truth. Not political narrative. Truth.

There are just too many bullshit stories about what did or didn’t happen with this election. If I’m going to be outraged? I want to be right. We should all want to be correct. It’s just too damn murky and it’s pissing me off.

Here’s a prime example. The “suitcase ballots” scandal. There’s a video that looks super shady. People in Georgia pulling suitcases of ballots (?) from under tables and counting AFTER they told witnesses to go home. Then the media says it’s been debunked…then The Federalist drops THIS little nugget saying no, it’s NOT debunked! (Frankly, I trust The Federalist more.) (RELATED: Sharyl Attkisson Has a Pretty Good List of the Election Fraud Claims)

Remember the “water pipe burst” that caused the vote counting delay? Now THAT has come into question. Why is this so hard?

I just want to deal in facts. I want to live in a world where if the facts are on your side, you win. I keep seeing headline after headline saying crap like, “We Got Them! We Have Proof!” Okay…show that shit! If it’s factually correct let’s go!

If that’s the headline? I hope you called the feds. I also hope they took the call.

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