12 Beautiful Caribbean Places to Visit [VIDEO]

It’s the day after Christmas and I’m already ready to get away. Like, away, away. Sun, sand, all of it. Maybe you’re thinking the same thing. I’m kinda betting you are.

So let’s start planning. How about the Caribbean? Niiiiiice. Of course there’s lot’s to choose from and we don’t know what you’re into so here’s a video that should help a bit. (RELATED: Best of 2020 from Daily Dose [VIDEO])

The 12 most beautiful Caribbean places to visit is pretty good primer. You get a good little overview of places you might want to visit and stuff you can do! Tada! Touristy? Yes. Also a great way to kick off some winter blues daydreams? Also, yes.

Let’s go. I’ll visit all. Why not?

Got a favorite spot in the Caribbean? Let us know where. And why. Share those tips and tricks in the comment section below!

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