3 from Kate Bush for Sunday Jams

If you’ve never heard Kate Bush before I’m a bit jealous. You’re in for treat. You’re about to discover one of the all time best. Incredibly original songwriting, an amazing voice and production that is just off the charts great.

Am I over selling? No. Now don’t get your hackles up. Relax. Whenever somebody tells me I’m going to love something, I usually try to immediately go the other way just to be different. The ol’ reflexive contrarian. You say you know I’ll love it? Screw you. I’ll be the judge of what I like and don’t like. (RELATED: 3 from The Beatles for Sunday Jams)

So here’s the deal. Just give it a listen. You are the captain of your own sonic ship. No one is trying to make you do anything. There. Better? Good.

I’m just pretty confident when it comes to Kate Bush, that’s all. A friend of mine turned me on to Kate waaaaay back in the 80’s. She just handed me an album and said, “I think you’ll like this.” She was right. Wow was she right.

So, maybe that’s what I should’ve done here. Maybe I should just post 3 songs and say, “I think you’ll like this.”

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