What Did You Expect?

As I type this, Trump supporters are storming the Capitol Building in DC. The media is in a frenzy. They can’t believe what they’re seeing. So here is the question: What did you expect?

Did you think 74 million people would be demonized for four years and be cool with it?

Did you think that 74 million people would be cool with such a grossly lopsided press?

Did you think that 74 million people would just say okie-dokey to one of the most insane elections in our nation’s history?

Fuck no. The same people who can’t understand why people are “storming” the Capitol have zero clue why Trump got elected in the first place! Americans are mad! Can’t you dumb fucks get that through your skulls?

The elite in DC continue to act as if the American people don’t matter. They act as if they truly believe they are the ruling class and regular Americans are just supposed to take it and be fine with whatever happens. Fuck that.

For YEARS we’ve watched rules not apply to elected officials. We’ve watched their policies fail and eliminate the middle class. You have taxed us to death and told us we are selfish for wanting to keep more of OUR money. We’ve watched you eat expensive ice cream in your mansions while telling US we’re selfish for wanting to earn a living. Again and again we’ve watched rules for thee but not for me. (RELATED: So When Do They Destroy the Constitution?)

You had a nation in lockdown and poverty then tried to appease us with 600 dollars while sending billions overseas. Fuck you.

So now people are walking around the Capitol Building unescorted. Oh my! The scandal! This is not who we are!

You have no idea who we are! You have not the first clue of who we are.

We are free. We get upset when people fuck with our freedom. And we especially do not like two sets of rules and justice. We do not enjoy taxation without representation. And that is what this feels like. So people are pissed.

What did you expect?

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4 comments on “What Did You Expect?

  1. Cheryl Moring says:

    Loftus Party,
    You are absolutely right. And this is only the beginning, Americans are fed up.

    1. Tom Glascock says:

      That’s the best news article I’ve read in years. You go man. 🇺🇲👍

  2. David says:

    I agree with you entirely but I don’t believe that the main instigators are Trump supporters.

  3. Yvonne shotwell says:

    Absolutely right on. You push us the American people to such a point that push back is what occurs. This is what you the anti American has done to us. By the way did you notice that nobody hid their face. While on the side of the BLM, antifa, and liberalites all hid their faces. What is happening takes guts because we the people love our country And are willing to confront the ongoing lies and false promises that the left and their ignorant followers have been doing for years.

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