The Black Tape Project (Miami Swim Week 2019) [VIDEO]

Hopefully you already know what big fans we are of The Black Tape Project. If not? Guess what? We’re big fans of The Black Tape Project. How can you NOT be?

Sure body painting is cool. We dig that too. Legit art form. So is the Black Tape Project. If anything it may be more challenging. Just a naked body and some tape. Go.

And they do! The final look is jaw dropping amazing! Yes, it’s gotta hurt taking it off, but isn’t art worth suffering for? Yes. Thank you.

So here’s a clip from Miami Swim Week 2019. What I dig about this one is it starts with an artist applying tape to the model. You get to see a bit of the process. Let’s just say he makes it look effortless. Stress on the word “look,” because I guarantee this isn’t something you’re good at for say the first…200 tries? Dude has some mad skills. All the models look amazing. Wearing TAPE! (RELATED: 1:22 with Natasha Barnard. Worth It. [VIDEO])

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