The Best One Piece Swimsuit? Yes. [VIDEO]

Never say we didn’t tell ya. Ladies, we hooked you up with this one. This swimsuit is everything ya want. You saw the video. How great is that? Who ever designed the Manhattan Black Halter One Piece swimsuit knew what they were doing. Big shout out to BoutineLA for this one. It’s perfect. And we’re not big fans of one piece suits. Usually they are zero fun with zero sex appeal. Or they go the other way and are all about sex with zero fun or functionality. The Manhattan Black Halter One Piece hits the perfect balance. Well done.

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Summer is coming. Just a heads up. Ladies, don’t come crying to us with your tale of “I can’t find a good swimsuit” woe. We told ya in February. Boom. And did we mention the price? 55 dollars US. What in the Sam Hill?! It’s like they’re paying you to wear it!

Warning: Looks like they sell out fast so you better get to clickin’.

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