How’s YOUR Valentine’s Day Looking?

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! How’s your V-Day looking? Whatcha got planned? Flowers? Dinner out? Dinner in? Card? Pizza? Pizza and anal? Maybe you’ll just stare at each other from across the room. That’s fine.

Guess what? There’s no wrong answers. You do you. Lots of people can’t stand this “pseudo holiday” and I can’t say I blame ’em. It really does just feel like a very blatant way to sell shit by making people feel guilty if they choose to NOT celebrate. I get it. I do.

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But here we are. I choose to steer into the curve. Why not go a little nuts?

Maybe even try to have fun. I mean, you’re here anyway. If you have to choose between getting a lame card or actually trying to have a good time? Have the fucking good time! What’s wrong with you? Can you be mad at the greeting card industry? Yes. While you’re at it, why not have a nice meal and some hot sex later? This isn’t a touch choice. Again, what’s wrong with you?

So, plan a little sumpthin’, sumpthin’. Dinner, flowers, pizza, pizza and anal. Whatever you and your special someone want to do with each other. There are no wrong answers. Why be miserable and fight the system when you can go with the flow and maybe get a little freaky? What’s wrong with you? This is easy!

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