Strange News from around the Web

Let’s get you updated with some strange news from around the web. This will be weird, fun, maddening and just a tad titillating if all goes to plan. That’s the trick, right? Going to plan.

So, let’s dive into some strangeness from around the web. First up is the ridiculous cancelling of Dr. Seuss. (No. I’m not going to write a poem. Sorry. Too easy.) Anyone who legit wants to cancel Seuss is an idiot. But guess what? They do exist.

How’s your sex life? Good? Bad? Worse because of lockdown? You are not alone. Lots of people are having problems with their libido. Noooo! So, how about some tips about what you can do. Just the tips. (See what I did there?)

And lastly…Lady Gaga got her dogs back. But what about the dude who got shot? Let’s check in with that guy!

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