Pinkkiss Has a Great Idea

The people at Pinkkiss may really be onto something. We think it’s a great idea. The production and marketing team is offering to help build your brand, generate traffic and boost sales. Sounds great, right? How?

By organizing trips and events around the world, using their marketing and technology knowhow to raise awareness for you, the up and coming influencer. They want to help you stand out. Tada.

Brilliant idea. Get a bunch of like minded individuals in their fields together and create opportunities. Boom. This is what we dig about capitalism. Is there a void in the market for people who want to be social media influencers? Yup. Is pinkkiss looking to fill that void? Yup. Good times.

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So the client gets help with raising their profile. Pinkkiss makes some money. Everyone looks amazing whilst they do it. Fan-fucking- tastic! You have a dream? They’ll help you chase it. That’s all good.

Here’s a link to their site and below is a clip from a recent Pinkkiss trip to the Philippines. Looks like they had a great time.

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