Andrew Cuomo Belongs in Our Democrat Hall of Fame

Let’s give it up for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He says he’s not leaving. He’s not going anywhere. Boom. Sure, there’s more and more evidence that his policies lead to the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers. He’s staying. Andrew Cuomo is just going to keep on keeping on. Now factor in the sexual harassment claims and ol’ Andy’s desire to stay in power is really something to behold. It’s Hall of Fame levels of balls.

This gave us an idea: Let’s look at some other Hall of Famers that just held on for dear life. Elected officials who, when faced with some of the most outrageous scandals, refused to go anywhere. Zero shame. Zero repercussions. They just refused to leave and people allowed it!

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Why didn’t their voters turn on them? Why wasn’t the media leading the charge for truth? Why, you ask? But you already know the answer: Liberals just don’t turn on one another. Democrats protect democrats. It’s amazing to witness. Truly something to behold. They run cover so much for each other they deserve their own Hall of Fame.

Let’s introduce you to some other members of this prestigious club.

Ted Kennedy. Dude pretty much drowned a girl he was trying to bang and STILL went on to be called “The Lion of the Senate.”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Dude had some pretty scandalous photos pop up. We’re putting that lightly. Anyone else in politics takes photos like these and they are done. Not Ralph. He’s still hanging in there. He’s part of the protected class. Congrats Ralphie, all you had to do was say “sorry” and you made it to the Hall.

We had some honorable mentions this year too. This guy might be a future Hall of Famer: California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Dude put the Golden State on lockdown and STILL went out to fancy restaurants. No worries for Gavin, though. He’s got that big D by his name. Rules for thee but not for D’s. Nice job Gav. Sounds like an “apology” is in order. Hahahahaha! Wink!

We’re sure you have ideas on who we should induct, so let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Paul Hair says:

    John Kerry for betraying American troops and America during the Vietnam War. Democrats have rewarded him ever since for that.

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