Ouch! Ford Plans to Move $900 Million Project from Ohio to Mexico

This sucks. The United Auto Workers (UAW) just gave Ford employees in Avon, Ohio the heads up: Things are moving down to Mexico.

Now, supposedly Ford had signed a contract to have the assembly plant in Ohio. That contract was signed in 2019. Hmmm, who was the president then? Was it that fella with the America first policy? I kinda remember that. Well, here we are in 2021 and Ford says it’s moving this gigantic project to Mexico. Will Joe Biden step in? We doubt it. That’s what sucks.

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Ford is being tight-lipped about the reasons for moving and declined to comment to news outlets. But let’s speculate for a moment.

They can. It’s cheaper. No one except for the workers in Ohio will push back. Do you think Joe Biden will step in? We don’t.

There is a reason people supported President Trump and the America First agenda and it was shit like this. People were convinced by the media that mean tweets and America First were the problem. Joe Biden was thoughtful and caring.

Well, now a bunch of Americans are going to be out of work. How’s that thoughtful and caring working out? Yup. This sucks.

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