Free Donut for a Year from Krispy Kreme (When You Get the Vaccine)

It’s tempting, that’s for sure. Krispy Kreme donuts is offering a free donut every day for a year. You just need to show your vaccination card as proof you got…the shot. Hmmm.

Now as far as donuts go, we are 100% pro Krispy Kreme. Hands down the best glazed donut on earth. We’re not going to argue that. If you think you have a better glazed donut? Guess what? You’re wrong. Krispy Kreme baby. No contest. I will TRY your donut, though. Who am I to turn down a free donut? Which brings me back to this little offer: free donut for vaccine.

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Okay, if you already got the vaccine? This is a no-brainer. Why are you even still reading? Go get your donut on! If you haven’t got the vaccine…is this offer gonna make it happen? There are a LOT of people holding off on getting “the jab” and I can’t say I blame ’em. Not gonna get into reasons now, but I feel you. Not sure a donut is gonna change your mind.

Now for some kudos. Good for Krispy Kreme. It’s a solid gesture. Lots of people tried to shame them yesterday on social media. Talking about how this free donut will lead to obesity. Here’s my take: Fuck all the way off. Krispy Kreme is offering ONE donut a day. Not a dozen. If you can’t handle ONE donut? If that’s what sending you into a fat-shame spiral? Ya got bigger issues. So, if you got the vaccine? Go get a delicious donut. Every day. Courtesy of Krispy Kreme. Here’s a link so you can find a location near you.

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2 comments on “Free Donut for a Year from Krispy Kreme (When You Get the Vaccine)

  1. Paul Hair says:

    “Papers! Papers! Show me your papers!” — I demand to know why we need to show vaccination papers to Kristy Kreme to get a free donut. This is an outrage. I demand investigations.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      They are pushing this vaccine soooo hard. Id there something we should know? Now maybe if they offered free arby’s I’d reconsider

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