What’s Grinding My Gears

Word of warning: It’s a lot. When it comes to what’s grinding my gears today? It’s a LOT. We’re currently in the middle of an avalanche of gear-grinding, ass-chapping, beyond irritating BS, and we need to wrap our heads around it. Understand it. So let’s jump in.

Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports. No. Just no. More and more institutions are floating the idea of requiring proof of your Wuhan vaccine to participate in society. That’s gonna get a giant “no fucking way” from us. Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?” Oh, and this just in: This is AMERICA. We are a free country. A country based on individual freedoms. The federal government already has WAY TOO MUCH info on each and every one of us. So let’s all just say no to the idea of “show me your papers” in the ol’ US of A.

Speaking of required vaccine passports, wouldn’t you need an ID to get one? And isn’t requiring an ID considered racist when it comes to voting? Isn’t it almost impossible for people to get ID’s? We’re confused. Because if it ISN’T racist to get an ID (it isn’t BTW) then it should also be equally racist to show one for a vaccine passport. Joe Biden seems to think ID laws are all about repressing minorities.

We need voter ID and we need it like yesterday.

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New York Crime

Next up: New York is about to have a massive crime problem. The wonderful decision makers in NY have opted to get rid of qualified immunity for police officers. In basic terms, this means bad guys can sue the cop who just arrested them. That’s a bit of a game changer. My guess is there’s going to be a lot of police looking the other way during a crime and a whole lot more of interviewing victims AFTER a crime. IF they’re still alive, that is. Why would you risk you life AND everything you own to stop a mugger? You wouldn’t. There’s a chance you could not only get killed, but maybe the mugger was sooooo traumatized they sue your spouse and take EVERYTHING you ever worked for. Our hearts go out to the NYPD and ALL the victims of the giant crime wave that’s coming.

The Border

Lastly, the border. Yes, it’s a crisis. Yes, it’s horrible. Guess what else it is? Time to stop the flood of illegals. We need to stop quibbling and finish the wall and/or get people on the border to protect it. The government has failed in it’s most basic duty: protect its citizens.

So these are the things grinding my gears today. Let’s fix them.

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2 comments on “What’s Grinding My Gears

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Vaccine passports and the border are two of the big ones for me too.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Dig it. Those are the biggies

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