Motivating Music with Positive Vibes

I know everyone is talking about the latest Lil’ Nas X video where he gets busy with The Devil, but this type of controversial shock bait is nothing new in music. As a matter of fact, these types of images are drearily predictable, as is the narcissistic behavior of the artist selling an ugly, expensive pair of shoes with a drop of medical waste.

Of course, the predictable response is always the same: “This is terrible! Look at it!” This response results in more hits to the video, and more eyeballs on the images, which is exactly what the music promotors love.

Since it’s Holy Week, instead of spreading images and songs you don’t find appealing all over the web, I’ll share a few videos from artists who know the value of keeping their souls intact with positive vibes, but who also stand out on the basis of being awesome modern rock, hip-hop, punk, and more.

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Skillet: “Feel Invincible”

Christian metal band Skillet could blow the roof of any concert hall, and their sound is consistently worthy of headbanging goodness. One of my favorites is the 2016 video, complete with darkly cool figures of plague doctors, ninjas, knights and more, but with a message of being able to face anything with the right power behind you.

Flatfoot 56: “Stutter”

Yes, I love my Irish punk, and Flatfoot 56 isn’t short on stage diving, slam-dance inducing, kilt wearing revelry. They also aren’t short on declaring the value of faith, friendship and lifting each other up as part of the family of man. Some of their earlier tunes like “Brotherhood” are great examples, as well as this plea for keeping the faith from their 2017 album Odd Boat.

Seventh Day Slumber: “Horizon”

I saw this Christian rock band a few years back, and they are some of the nicest guys you could meet. They also haven’t stopped touring, rocking, and spreading God’s message, even amidst the pandemic panic. This should bring hope to us all, and this video reminds us to keep our eyes on the horizon. There are good things ahead.

Zuby: “Perseverance”

Zuby is a British hip-hop artist and rapper, who has an incredible resume of life experience from public speaking to hosting a podcast and authoring a book on fitness, Strong Advice. This Oxford graduate isn’t afraid to speak his mind in everything from politics to fitness to social issues, but his quest for positivity pours out in many of his lyrics, including this one about being true to yourself.

TobyMac: “Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)”

Since my music lists tend to jump all over the place, and often venture into the obscure, I’ll end this with a new song from a more familiar name. Here’s well-known Christian artist TobyMac, who reminds us, without any room misinterpretation, no matter how bad things seem, help is on the way.

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If you find it depressing a Satanic lap dance is getting so many hits, click on and share some artists spreading positive vibes and help their numbers rise instead. You might discover a few great artists and songs along the way.

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