Going to a Nude Beach in Spain? Now You Have to Wear a Mask. Insane.

Well, well, well…what new insanity is in store for us now? How about this. There’s a new mask mandate in Spain that declares you must wear a mask on all beaches and public spaces even if there’s no one else around. So if you are planning to hit a nude beach in Spain, you have to wear a mask or you’ll be in big trouble. This is insane. You realize that by now, I’m hoping.

This new law by the crazy people running Spain inspired me. I mean, sure, it’s crazy that you have to wear a mask in ALL public venues including even if you are ALONE and wearing nothing else on a nude beach. That is just pure insanity. But the whole nude beaches thing caught my eye. What beaches would we be talking about? I want to know about every nude beach in Spain!

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We are big fans of nude beaches. They’re just fantastic. If you’ve never been? Go. Naked in the ocean on a summer day (or night) is just wonderful. So, where are the best nude beaches in Spain? Tada! Found ’em!

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Here’s a normal person actually having fun! What?

Sadly here’s info on the new Spanish mask mandate.

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