Have More Fun This Summer. Just Do It.

Here’s the message: Have more fun this summer. Just do it. Do not wait. Do not procrastinate. Go get you some fun. Make it happen.

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Do all the shit you’d never dare to do before. What are you waiting for? To get younger? That won’t be happening. Sorry. And guess what? No one is promised tomorrow. That’s not just a phrase on a poster. That’s legit. So don’t wait. Do that crazy shit. Wear that skimpy suit. Do not give a single damn what other people think. They won’t be by your side on your deathbed. Fuck all of them and what they think.

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Life is short. Live. Live free and have some stories to tell when you’re old and grey. So, go make some fun, ya soon to be crazy fuckers! — The Mgmt

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1 comment on “Have More Fun This Summer. Just Do It.

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Looks like we’re going to have to get in better shape if we want to do some of this stuff.

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