Epic Kitesurfing Crashes

Behold, the most epic kitesurfing crashes. This is part one. Know why it’s part one? Because everyone knows more videos of these crashes are coming. We have to think more giant wipe out shots are being filmed even as we speak.

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Now, we hope everyone is okay and out of the hospital. With that being said: HA! Ouch…but also, ha. Kitesurfing looks cool AF, but these wrecks are the built in danger. That, my friends, is why I plan on just surfing.

With old school surfing the initial painful wipeout is enough. You’re not strapped into a sail that will take you ON SHORE and beat your ass again. It’s surfing for me thanks.

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3 comments on “Epic Kitesurfing Crashes

  1. Tim Colomba says:

    Oh my! Hard pass on kite surfing after seeing those!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      HA! Right? I’m gonna stick with surfing… just regular

  2. Paul Hair says:

    Some of those made me wince.

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