Rancid Eddie: An Awesomely Australian Band

Rancid Eddie. A band that is everything we dig about Australia. It’s the attitude. A, “Fuck it. We could be a band.” Also, a very American attitude. Maybe that’s where the appeal is. Who cares, really? These guys just woke up one day and went for it.

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Step one? Declare that you are a band. Step two? Tell all your friends. Step three? Write some songs. Step four? Declare your songs to be awesome and put them on YouTube. Oh. I should also add that you have your buddies in the band to sing back up. They can also drink beer and smoke in the background of your videos. These dudes are super important to the vibe. Do not underestimate that. If you think I’m joking, I’m not. Deadly serious. The dudes jumping in on the chorus are key. It’s fucking awesome and you need them. For real.

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Notice that “learning to play an instrument” wasn’t listed. That’s because it doesn’t matter. Americans and Australians (not all, but some) realize that attitude and swagger is all that really matters. Music is almost dead last. Cheers to Rancid Eddie. Have fun you guys.

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