It Is What It Is & We Like It. Summer Motivation

This post took a left turn and I’m not mad about it. It all started innocently enough with a search for some summer motivation. We gotta get pumped! So, I head to the Body Mix TV channel on YouTube. Posted a video from them the other day. I dug it. It is what it is. I got no problem with that.

Pretty girls in bikinis…the lavish lifestyle…slow motion…drone shots. The usual.

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Then it started working! LOL! I’m watching the video thinking, “I’d like to live there…that seems great.” HA! So maybe these videos DO work as motivation! Now I’m thinking I gotta hit the gym and work harder so I can live like the people in the video! LOL! Crap! It worked!

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(If you find yourself wondering what the song is all about I have a treat for you. I’ve included the English translation video. It does not disappoint. Let’s just say: “I love like crazy, can you give me again?” It grows on you too. Fair warning.)

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